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Cómo Aprender Español: A New Video Series in Spanish

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Cómo Aprender Español: A New Video Series in Spanish

We recognize that we talk about Spain, Spanish expressions, and language-learning in many different capacities on the blog, but we have never produced content exclusively in the Spanish language. All that changes today with our presentation of Cómo Aprender Español: Entrevistas con Expertos. In this video series, we have coordinated interviews with certified Spanish teachers to talk about different topics of interest for those on the Spanish language-learning adventure—en español!

In the first episode, we had the pleasure to sit down with Sarah Blanquet, the profesora de español behind Crisol Español. We connected with Sarah over Instagram, where she shares a wide range of Spanish tips, but she also has a website where she offers one-on-one online classes.


In this episode with Sarah, we discuss the most common errors made in Spanish by language-learners. Interestingly enough, the three categories of errors Sarah describes—grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation—all encompass mistakes that often begin during the early stages of learning the language but can continue into the advanced levels if learners are not careful.

Cómo Aprender Español: Entrevistas con ExpertosFor this reason, the review of these common mistakes and Sarah’s advice on how to prevent and correct them, is useful to ALL Spanish language-learners. Please check out the video for our conversation—it takes place fully in Spanish but we encourage you to follow along with the subtitles (in Spanish or English, depending on your level)—and let us know in the comments of this article or the video on YouTube if you have any questions or specific experiences you’d like to share!


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