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Relocating to Madrid: A Specialist’s Insights into Apartment-Hunting

Today we welcome to the blog Eliana, a relocation specialist and the founder of Move to Madrid. When Eliana reached out to us to share more about her business, we were impressed by her genuine passion and expertise with helping Auxiliares relocate to Madrid. We could tell her personal experience with Madrid apartment-hunting would be of value to our readers and so today we welcome her to share that wisdom with you. Without further ado, let’s hear what Eliana has to say…


On the Move to Madrid?

My name is Eliana, a reputable relocation specialist, and I understand the challenges of moving to a new country firsthand, having lived in several different countries myself. (Canada, Brazil, France, Spain). I appreciate the value that a helping hand can bring during relocation and I aim to provide that support to others. With my experience as a Spanish Teaching Assistant in Paris, I’m well versed in the pros and cons of living abroad. I’ve had the pleasure of assisting dozens Auxis with their move since the inception of the teaching program in Spain, and I’ve not only housed many of you but also gained many friends in the process.


Relocating to Madrid

You finally got you letter of acceptance in the Language Program Assistance in Madrid, great, congratulations!

Spain requires thoughtful planning and organized steps. Finding housing can be a challenge due to time zone differences, language barriers, and landlords or agents not answering calls. The high demand for housing means properties are rented out quickly.

Apartments and rooms in Madrid are a hot commodity, often being rented out within 2 to 3 days. Therefore, if you wait to reach out to a landlord or real estate agent from the US, the property might have already been snapped up by the time you get back to them.

Typically, September marks a significant uptick in the Spanish housing market. Because Madrid is an attractive destination for both local and international students, interns, and professionals, there’s an influx of individuals looking for housing. Madrid is a popular choice for Erasmus and teaching abroad programs. Annually, this time sees an increase of approximately 12,000 individuals. Consequently, it’s advisable to avoid last-minute house hunting to circumvent potential disappointment.

Besides, landlords often ask for a local contract and job stability, and that requires you to know how to deal with the leasing contract. Having somebody who lives in Madrid or a local expert can be beneficial in helping you navigate the market, review contracts, visit potential homes, and provide guidance on lifestyle and budgeting.

Move to Madrid can help provide such assistance to avoid common pitfalls and save time and money. We are with you since the beginning, helping you find something that suits your preference and lifestyle and advising with price range of rooms and apartments.


5 Different districts where you can live in Madrid

While advice from fellow English teachers regarding the best neighborhoods to live in Madrid is useful, the final decision rests on your individual preferences and needs.

Typically, the closer you are to the city center, the higher the cost of living, with districts like Sol and La Latina being prime examples. Both districts are bustling with restaurants, shops, and bars; however, La Latina is generally quieter and might be a better choice if noisy streets are a concern.

1.) Malasaña is another great choice, but keep in mind that its popularity is reflected in its higher price range.

2.) Argüelles is a haven for students and boasts excellent public transportation links via metro and buses. If you’re running on a budget, you might find more affordable options here than in other districts.

3.) Manuel Becerra, nestled in the upscale Salamanca area, is a safer, less pricey alternative. It’s near Calle Alcala, a major street in Madrid, and has the benefits of the Salamanca district without the hefty price tag.

4.) The Salamanca district is indeed upscale and aesthetically pleasing, but it’s on the pricier end. If you’re considering Salamanca, it might be best to find a place near Goya to avoid boredom.

5.) Chamberí is another elegant choice. If you’re looking for an area with a good mix of shops and bars, live near Fuencarral Street. The vicinity of Bilbao metro station has more reasonably priced options compared to Tribunal.



Why should you work with a relocation specialist?

Navigating through the process of relocating can be overwhelming; this is where a relocation specialist comes in handy. They take the burden off your shoulders by conducting property viewings, providing you with detailed images and videos, and negotiating with landlords or agents on your behalf. They can even organize a virtual tour to assist you in making the best choice.

Contract review, which can often feel like a daunting task, becomes less of a worry with a specialist at your side. With their help, you can secure a place to live in Madrid promptly, alleviating stress while saving time and money.

Additionally, a relocation specialist can help you set up your Spanish bank account, advising on the appropriate transportation card, and registering you at the town hall (empadronamiento). Their role is to streamline the entire process, ensuring it’s smooth and hassle-free.


7 Things to consider in order to start a new life in Madrid and organize your settling down:

1.) Buy a SIM card
2.) Open a bank account in Spain
3.) Secure a transportation card
4.) Search for suitable accommodation: a flat or a shared apartment
5.) Following your lease agreement, register at your local district town hall as this step is vital for enrolling for Social Security
6.) Ensure you have internet connection in your residence
7.) Obtain an International Driving License before departing from the USA, as it cannot be issued in Spain, and is necessary if you wish to rent a vehicle


Need help? Let’s talk!

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