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The Ultimate Guide to Learning Spanish: Season One Round-up


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Over the last half year, we have been sharing with you some of the best tips and advice we have for language learning in our Spanish-language video series Cómo Aprender Español: Entrevistas con Expertos. Throughout this YouTube video series we have interviewed certified Spanish teachers who currently offer lessons online (which means you can connect with any of them regardless of where you live). Through this format, we believe we have been able to dive into some really important topics that will be of use to you wherever you are in your Spanish (or another) language-learning journey.

We remind you that the series is carried out completely in Spanish so that our experts can share their wisdom in the language that they teach but also so that we can all practice our listening skills along the way. Of course, each video also has Spanish and English subtitles for anyone who wants a little extra support, just use the “CC” button in the bottom right corner and switch to the language you prefer.

In case you missed any of these wonderful episodes full of helpful insights, we’re compiling the full gamot of season one here in this ultimate guide. Feel free to watch the interviews here on the blog or save them for yourself on YouTube to come back to later. If you have any questions, concerns, or personal experience to share, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment on the individual videos or on this article and we will be in touch.


Season One Round-Up


Capítulo Uno: Los errores más comunes con Sarah Blanquet

In episode one, Dani talks with Sarah of Crisol Español about the most common mistakes language-learners make in Spanish AND how you can avoid them.



Capítulo Dos: El Proceso de aprender un idioma – qué debes buscar con Nuria Santiago

In episode two, Dani talks with Nuria of Nuria Spanish Lessons about the process of learning a language and specifically what students should look for in a supportive language teacher.



Capítulo Tres: Quitar El Miedo a Hablar Español con Mabel Sanchéz

In episode three, Claudia talks with Mabel of Discover Spanish World about why we need to stop being afraid of speaking Spanish and how we can do it.



Capítulo Cuatro: Expresiones Comunes con David Peter

In episode four, Claudia talks with David of Your Spanish Guide about some common Spanish expressions and their interesting origin stories.



Capítulo Cinco: Temas Tabúes con Anabel Fortes

In episode five, Dani talks with Anabel of Pitacho Online Spanish Lessons about some taboo topics that we don’t normally cover in Spanish class and provides some excellent vocabulary infographics for these topics.



Capítuol Seis: Cómo Pensar en Español con Guada Mateos Piñeros

In episode six, Claudia talks with Guada of Español con Guada about some tips and exercises we can use to think in Spanish rather than translate word-for-word.


The Ultimate Guide to Learning Spanish: Season One Round-UpWe hope you enjoy these interviews as much as we did! If you are called to work on your Spanish with any of the teachers featured in this series, be sure to use the link to their websites, which you can find here as well as included in the description and/or at the end of each video. Happy language-learning to you!


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