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Cómo Aprender Español: El Proceso de Aprendizaje – Que Debes Buscar


Dear Kyle,

Here at Sincerely, Spain we talk a lot about Spain, Spanish expressions, and language-learning but, until recently, all of our content was exclusively in the English language. That’s why we’re super excited and proud of our new video series Cómo Aprender Español: Entrevistas con Expertos.

In this video series, we have Spanish-language conversations with certified Spanish teachers to talk about different topics of interest for those on the Spanish language-learning adventure. That way, not only can you get useful information about learning a language, but you can practice your Spanish while you do it!


Today we’re releasing episode number two: El Proceso de Aprendizaje – Que Debes Buscar. We had the pleasure to sit down with Nuria Santiago, the profesora de español behind Nuria Spanish Lessons, and she had so much to share with us on this topic! Nuria is truly one of the most dedicated and supportive teachers we’ve come across and so we knew she was the right person to talk with about the process of learning a language.

In this episode, Nuria explains all the ways a teacher can support you in order to get the best classroom experience. As an example, she shares how she gathers information to understand her students’ interests, needs, and aspirations in order to facilitate realistic conversation. She also highlights how important comfortability, communication, and interest are to the student’s language-learning journey. Above all, she encourages students to remember that THEY are the protagonists of the learning process.

Como Aprender Espanol: El Proceso de Aprendizaje - Que Debes BuscarWe believe that this video will be helpful for students to understand all that they can ask for from their tutors, but also for teachers who strive to be the best they can be. Please check out the video for our conversation—it takes place fully in Spanish but we encourage you to follow along with the subtitles (in Spanish or English, depending on your level) and let us know in the comments of this article or the video if you have any questions or specific experiences you’d like to share!



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