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Favorite Places to Eat Out in Granada

Dear Stacey,

If Granada is on your travel bucket list, chances are you’re familiar with the city’s free tapas culture! If not, check out our guide on How to Tapear in Granada to get a better idea of how it all works and how you can make the most out of your tapa-going experience. Once you’ve read up on that as well as Spanish-style Eating to understand the timetable (and therefore know what we mean by “arrive early”) you’ll be ready to dive into this long list of our favorite places to eat out in Granada!

Note: Because tapeando (the activity of going out for tapas) is so popular in our city, the majority of our list of favorite bars/restaurants is based on where we go for tapas. However, we have included a section at the end of places where we tend to order off the menu.

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Bar Trastienda is also a great place to order jamón de bellota (which, if you haven’t read our Top Five Spanish Foods You Must Try article, should be on your list).Traditional Tapas

Ávila: When people visit me in Granada and only have time for one night of tapas, I generally take them here! For me, it is utterly granadino and I’ve never had anyone who wasn’t as happy with the jámon asado tapas as I am. I also recommend their papparones tapa if you like french fries and are up for a new take on it. (Choose your own tapas)

Carmela: This is a chain restaurant so take from that what you will. The menu is on the slightly pricier side but you can generally enjoy quality tapas here without wandering out of the center of town. (Tapas chosen by the establishment, outdoor seating available)

Los Diamantes: I’m not personally too much of a seafood fan but if you are, this is the place to go! Los Diamantes has two a variety of locations and is always a top granadina recommendation. The tapas are not to order, however, so explicitly ask when you order your drink if you dislike a certain seafood. (Tapas chosen by the establishment)

Bar La Trastienda: Located just around the corner from the Plaza Nueva location of Los Diamantes, this bar is a bit more of a local secret. As the name implies, the bar is located behind the shop which means it may feel like you’ve come to the wrong place when you enter. However, you have not and if you just confidently walk around the bar (to the right) you’ll find a quaint, super andaluz tapas bar (where I’d also recommend order their tablas of cheese or ham!) (Tapas chosen by the establishment, outdoor seating available)

Bubión: This bar is much more no-frills than some of the others on the list but it’s a solid option for decent tapas in the university part of town (located just off of Pedro Antonio). Their lagrimas de pollo are simple, but always a crowd-pleaser. Plus they score brownie points with me for serving Mahou as their tap beer. (Choose your own tapas, outdoor seating available)

One of our recommendations for Puerta de la Alpujarra is this pincho moruno tapa that is served on a bed of cous cous.Puerta de la Alpujarra: This used to be my neighborhood go-to bar. Nothing out of the ordinary but the staff is friendly and you can eat tasty traditional tapas. (Choose your own tapas, outdoor seating available)

Las Delicias: Also a neighborhood favorite (for a much less touristy part of town). This bar fills up fast, even on the weekdays, so be sure to arrive close to opening. I can tell it’s the place to be because there are also tons of older Spaniards which is indicative of what you’ll find here—quality food at reasonable prices. (Choose your own tapas, outdoor seating available)

Gran Kiki Tapas: This is also a fan favorite with the locals. Gran Kiki has a wide ranging memory, including a lot of fried food, seafood, and of course, fried seafood. While perhaps not the healthiest option, it never seems to disappoint. (Choose your own tapas, outdoor seating available)


Non-Traditional Tapas

Bella Kurva: This bar has both a great atmosphere and incredibly flavorful, multi-ethnic tapas to choose from! The owners take great pride in what they make and the food (both tapas and what you can order off the menu) is always delicious. This place is really popular though, so arrive early and be prepared to stand if all the tables with stools are taken! (Choose your own tapas, outdoor seating available)

El Peruano may be a good option when you have some people looking for traditional and others who want something more exotic, as you can easily get both.El Peruano: Located just of the university campus, this bar is popular with the students meaning it’s budget-friendly as well as serving large portions. While there’s a variety of traditional tapas on the menu as well you shouldn’t pass up the Peruvian chicken tapa this place is known for. (Choose your own tapas)

Masae: This Japanese restaurant earns a special spot on my list because, unlike most other Japanese restaurants in Granada, they serve tapas in addition (or instead of) full meals. I’m not terribly familiar with Japanese cuisine which makes going here and being able to sample the tapas on offer feel fun and Dani-friendly. They also get great reviews on their main dishes, but I haven’t personally tried them. Bar space (the only space you can order only tapas) is limited so arrive early. (Tapas chosen by the establishment)

El Ojú: Although some establishments in Granada are still learning what constitutes a vegetarian diet, this bar has got it down, serving a completely vegan-friendly menu! For vegans, this is a great relief as you may tire of specifying your diet restrictions each and every time you order a tapa. For non-vegans this is great because it provides an opportunity to try out what can be done with a vegan cuisine. They also have some great local products including organic wines at reasonable prices. (Choose your own tapas)


Very Tourist-Friendly (English-speaking)

Bar Poë: This place is very popular among tourists and the expat crowd. While it’s therefore not your most traditional experience the bar owners are super friendly and the food is delicious and can be very spicy—something you generally don’t find in Spanish cuisine. (Choose your own tapas)

Babel: This bar is also very popular among foreigners as it serves non-traditional tapas and unique healthy foods all day long on the weekends. If you arrive hungry outside of the standard tapas hours, this is a good place to go!

One especially nice thing about Lemon Rock is that they regularly host concert—most of which are free of charge.Lemon Rock: Although this is also a hostel, the bar is open to the public and always a treat! Depending on the day and time of day, you’ll find a cozy spot on one of the couches or standing room only. Lemon Rock is especially popular when there are free concerts so plan ahead. The tapas are generally good but the food off the menu is even better. (Tapas chosen by the establishment)


Great Bang for Buck

I was so impressed my first time at La Bodega de Vinny that I snapped a photo before our third tapa even arrived!La Bodega de Gallo (previously Bodega de Vinny): This is definitely one of those hole-in-the-wall joints that you’d easily walk past without a second thought if you didn’t know better. However this tiny bar is perhaps the most generous in all of Granada! Serving up three distinct tapas with every drink you order, this bodega really delivers. Come hungry and come early as they are only about 10 stools in the whole place, then it’s standing room only! (Tapas chosen by the establishment)

Los Manueles: A favorite gathering place for foreigners and locals alike, this bar serves up traditional tapas. What’s perhaps the best bang for your buck, however, is their a la carte croquetas and albondigas! For just 1.50 you can order a single croquette or meatball but rest assured that the portions are larger than you’d imagine and you may actually only need one in addition to your tapa to call it dinner! (Tapas chosen by the establishment)

Cervecería ECU: This bar is located in el Zaidín, a neighborhood of Granada that’s further from the center than you might otherwise wander. However, if you’re looking for huge bocadillo-style tapas, it’s worth the walk or ride on the metro! There’s lots of seating here but it still fills up fast so arrive early if you want to enjoy your big sandwiches in peace. (Tapas chosen by the establishment)

Mundisalado Dulce: Located on Gonzalo Gallas like El Peruano, this place stays open all day long and will happily serve you up coffee and a tostada or sandwich at anytime. If you visit during tapas hours, you have to take advantage of the jarra + 2 tapas deal! With a larger drink, you can pick two tapas from a long list of options, each of which is in itself generous! (Choose your own tapas, outdoor seating available)

Chantarela: This restaurant has a lot of seating, but there’s limited availability for tapas-only customers so you’ll want to arrive early here as well. Although it’s a little less accommodating than other popular tapas joints (ie. you have to order at the bar and return to retrieve your tapas when you’re called out) you’ll be over the moon with the big portions and easily eat a satisfying meal with just two (maybe three if you’re brave) tapas! (Tapas chosen by the establishment)


Nice Ambiance

If, instead of quantity, ambiance is more important to you, might we recommend Bodegas Castaneda.Bodegas Castañeda: Of this list, Castaneda is definitely the most “Spanish” of the “nice ambiances.” From the barrels of wine behind the counter to the legs of jamón hanging from the ceiling to the bull’s heads on the walls, you’ll be entertained from the moment you walk in. Be aware, however, that staff can be very busy and therefore bit less cordial at times. Still, it’s worth a visit and if you’re feeling adventurous you should try their famous drink, the calicasa—it’s sweet but potent. (Tapas chosen by the establishment)

Tocateja: We love the detailed decor at this place and can’t help but be pulled in by the classy yet fun atmosphere. However, the tapas are not very big and therefore we tend to only go here when we’re not very hungry or when we’re already eaten elsewhere. (Tapas chosen by the establishment)

The tapas at La Vinoteca probably won’t fill you up, but their ‘montaditos’ will hit the spot (see below).Vinoteca: It’s true that the tapas aren’t so big here either but I’m happy to overlook it as they’re always delicious—and you can order some great ‘montaditos’ off the menu to compensate. They also have a wonderful selection of wine and a friendly staff, making them one of my favorite places to go when I’m feeling sophisticated. (Tapas chosen by the establishment)

Restaurante 7 Gatos: To be honest, the tapas here tend to be hit or miss and they’re not exceptionally generous. However, I do enjoy going here from time to time simply for the bright, modern design and general ambiance. They have a lot of healthier options to order off the menu, too. And earn a special place in our hearts for serving one of Granada’s craft beers, Sacramonte, on tap! (Tapas chosen by the establishment)

Garden Plaza: One final “it’s super cute” option is Garden Plaza. The decoration here is clean and lively and they’ve got a lot of tasty options on the menu. We always enjoy their tapas, although they’re by no means as big as at some other bars. (Choose your own tapas, outdoor seating available)

Where we actually order off the menu (Eat Dinner)

Terraza Asador Bar Ranco: This family-run restaurant is off the beaten path and will require an uphill walk or taxi ride. However, the views, the food, and the friendly staff will not disappoint! Consider calling ahead to make a reservation and request a seat along the edge of the terrace (during the summer) or at the window (during the winter). There’s no tapas menu here but you will get some olives and/or potato chips as you wait for your food and all of the dishes are delicious! Try their grandma’s cheesecake (which is very different from the cheesecake you’re probably used to) and stay awhile. (No tapas)

EntreBrasas: We really love steak places and this is one of the few we’ve found that serve tapas as well! If you’re not terribly hungry you can enjoy some great meat-based tapas here but ordering off the menu is the most satisfying. The staff is friendly and will happily explain different cuts of meat and make recommendations based on your tastes. (Tapas chosen by the establishment, outdoor seating available)

El Guiño: I was recently taken to this restaurant by a friend and it was incredibly satisfying! At lunch time, you can only order off the menu de dia—choosing from 5 first starters, 5 main dishes, and 5 desserts—but at dinner time tapas are available as well. Consider calling ahead to make a reservation as both times of day fill up quickly!

La Tuttoria: If I’m in the mood for Italian food, this is probably my favorite place to go in Granada. Because it’s not a chain like so many other places (La Tangliatelle, La Gondoliere, La Mafia) it feels more authentic to me. Plus they also serve tapas so if you’re not terribly hungry you can just get those—although I’d recommend at least ordering the Caesar salad! (Tapas chosen by the establishment)

Additionally, you can always go for an in-between tapas and dinner option such as ordering montaditos at La Vinoteca.As a final note, we want to remind you that Spanish food is often heavily pork-based so if you have any dietary restriction be sure to notify your server as soon as you order a drink, especially if you know they choose the tapa for you! You may also find our resources on Surviving as Vegetarian or Vegan and Surviving as a Celiac in Spain useful.

Are there any other places you’ve been in Granada that you love and think should make our list? Any other specific questions about where to eat? Please let us know!



    • Sincerely, Spain

      Hi Ahmed! Thanks for your question. It’s much harder to suggest which places should be avoided as this is a purely personal opinion. We believe that most everywhere in Granada has something to offer and that you should base your decision of where you want to go on whatever is most important to YOU.

      Some places with outdoor seating and beautiful views will be overpriced and/or serve smaller portions because what you’re really paying for is the experience; other places with such perks will still have amazing food, prices, and service. It’s near impossible to generalize so we would simply recommend that you choose somewhere that gets good reviews (on our list or elsewhere) for the category that is a priority for you (be it quantity of food, quality of food, ambiance, etc) and don’t worry too much about the rest. Enjoy!

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