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Learn Spanish: Intercambios de Idiomas

Dear Charlie,

I tend to say that learning a new language is a bit of a roller coaster and, to be perfectly honest, can be really tiring (trust me, we understand exactly how difficult it can be to live in your non-native language!). And, while there always seem to be some things that are fairly easy, the majority of times learning a language feels like a job. As someone who has learned two languages and is trying to decide which will be my third, I feel like there are some tricks and tips that you should know if you are thinking about learning Spanish during your study abroad or live abroad experience.

In fact, on the blog we’ve talked about a lot of ways to learn languages such as: taking Spanish at a private school, using Duolingo to learn, why you should read in Spanish, how to feel comfortable giving a presentation in Spanish, learning a language outside of class, etc. However, one thing we always come back to as a great way to learn a new language are intercambios de idiomas, or language exchanges. There are two main types of intercambios—one-on-one or group intercambios. Today we want to share a video with you that we have put together about how you can find and take advantage of a one-on-one language exchange during your study abroad or live abroad experience. Take a look:


In this video we cover:

  • How you can find a language exchange partner in your city

  • How to work to make the intercambio mutually beneficial for both of you

  • How to understand the relationship that develops out of a language exchange

Have you ever tried this form of learning a new language? If so, what are your top tips? Let us know in the comments!



P.S. My number one tip for speaking a new language is confidence. Read more about how to be confident when speaking Spanish here.

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