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Cómo Aprender Español: Cómo Pensar en Español

There are so many different elements that go into learning a new language and that is one of the reasons we are feeling so grateful to be wrapping up our first season of Cómo Aprender Español: Entrevistas con Expertos. In this YouTube video series we are talking to lots of different Spanish teachers who are currently offering online classes (which means you will be able to connect with them, wherever you happen to be in the world) about topics that they see as important with their students. The amazing thing is that each teacher is a unique individual who has his or her own experience to share as well. Each interview is different from the last and we find ourselves agreeing, laughing, and learning along with our guests.

The series takes place entirely Spanish which gives both us here at Sincerely, Spain and the Spanish learner an opportunity to practice our language skills. In addition, it allows our guests to dive deeper into their own expertise and share things from their native perspective. Of course, if you find that the video is too fast or too complicated for your current level, don’t worry as we have both Spanish and English subtitles for you! Remember, it is all part of a process, so be grateful for where you are today.

In the sixth and final episode of this season we connect with Guada—short for Guadalupe—from Español with Guada (you can find her via her YouTube profile or on Instagram) on a topic that we can really feel: thinking in Spanish. This topic feels really important to us because we have not only seen this in our own students from our times of teaching English but we also recognize it in ourselves. Thinking in Spanish is one of the key ways to know that you are advancing in your language skills but it isn’t always easy to get to that point in your learning journey. And we were so thrilled that Guada is able to share so many examples and practical tips with all of us in this episode!

Guada has experience not only teaching Spanish but also ample experience learning other languages and this has helped her also gain perspective into the language learning journey. We found that all of her knowledge and understanding allowed us to really dive into this topic and have a lot of fun while doing it! We are so grateful for the time Guada spent preparing and talking to us so that we could gain insight into this area of language learning.

As always, let us know in the comments here or on YouTube if you have any questions or specific experiences you would like to share.


In episode 6, Claudia talks with Guada about why it is important to think in Spanish as well as some top tips for being able to do so. You will enjoy this episode if you are trying to figure out how to up your language learning but are feeling a little bit stuck translating all the time.



    It sounds like Guadalajara has good advierte but i dont understand all she is saying. I dont know enough spanish yet.

    • Sincerely, Spain

      Thank you for your comment Sona.
      If you check the subtitles options, you have the option to either put them in Spanish or English if you want to follow along with the advice that Guada is giving.
      Best of luck with your Spanish language journey!
      Dani and Claudia

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