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Special Announcement

We are celebrating our 6 month anniversary! That’s right- we’ve been live on the website for 184 days, bringing you a constant flow of content here on the blog as well as a photo every single day on Instagram to bring the beauty of Spain to your fingertips. We’ve been working hard to provide the information, advice, and insight that has been cultivated from our ongoing journey living abroad in Spain so that you, too, can grow from it as you embark on (or work through, reminisce about, or dream of) your Spanish adventure.

Celebratory wine is the best kind of wine!In order to celebrate (in addition to treating ourselves to some nice Ribera red wine last night), we are opening up our availability to work with you one-on-one! One of our goals for 2018 is to build more of a community and we thought, what better way than getting to know you personally? We hope that you find the answers to all of your questions here on the blog, but we also recognize that each journey is as unique as the person who has it.

Whether you’re experiencing something very similar to what we have described or if you’re worrying about something that falls into a category that we haven’t yet covered, the reality is that you may want to talk to us personally and privately about what is on your mind…and we’re so excited to announce that we are available for that!

You’ll soon be able to book a slot to videochat with Dani or Claudia (or meet in-person here in Granada)! Be sure to keep an eye on the Coaching tab (as well as elsewhere on the site) as we provide more information on these coaching sessions. If you’re too excited to wait, you can also drop us a line with the subject “Coaching Chat,” a brief description of what you’d like to talk about, and who you’d like to meet with (if you have a preference). We’ll get back to you with our availability as soon as possible.

Can’t wait to chat!!



P.S. Would you be interested in group gatherings, such as a webinar Q and A session with the two of us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We’re interested in knowing the best way to connect with YOU!

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