What You Need to Know about Segovia

Segovia, Castilla y León

Transport options to arrive: Train, bus, car

The easiest way to get to Segovia is from Madrid if you don’t have a car. An AVE from Madrid costs about 12€ and takes around 30 minutes; the bus takes a little over an hour and is 10€.


Classic Segovia PictureRecommended time of year to visit and length of visit: A friend of mine from Segovia insists that it is beautiful all year round (“Segovia nunca se pierde su encanto”). You can see the capital city in a weekend, but if you have some extra time, consider visiting the rest of the province―it is big with some cool towns called the red and black pueblos, la Granja de San Idelfonso, la Sierra Guadarrama, etc. You can see this region in two or three days if you have a car.


Fun Fact: Near the aqueduct Segovia proudly displays a gift received from Rome during the Roman empire. This statue, called the la Loba Capitolina, has a twin in Rome and shows the importance that this city had for the Romans.


Dani and I love 'must-sees', but never forget about wandering around the city and having a quick beer somewhere. (**See the cathedral in the corner of this picture**)Top Three Must-sees:

1. Alcazar: Try and see this beautiful princess-castle-like-building from all different perspectives―the Paseo de la Fuencisla, the Casa de la Moneda (where Spanish currency was originally made), the Monasterio del Parral, and the Monasterio de la Virgen de la Fuencicla all have different views of the building.

2. Acueducto: The Segovian aqueduct is absolutely massive (in fact, it would be harder to miss it than see it), but it is on the list for its sheer impressiveness. Consider that it was finished and functioning in AD times and is still in amazing condition today.

3. Catedral: Visiting a Spanish city is not complete without at least looking towards the cathedral. Representing a place of power and wealth, Segovia’s Cathedral is worth seeing.


One thing to eat: Cochinillo Asado

The thing to eat in Segovia is a baby pig (approximately 21 days old to be exact), slowly roasted over a fire or in the oven. While it might not be something you want to look at before eating―it is an adorable baby pig―it is very traditional and all Segovians will want you to enjoy their delicious cochinillo asado.

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