What You Need to Know about the Islas Cíes

Islas Cíes, Vigo

Transport options to arrive: Boat

The three islands that make up the Islas (Isla del Faro, Isla de Monteagudo, and Isla de San Martiño) can be reached by private boat or via the ferry leaving from several cities along the coast (such as Vigo or Cangas). See the timetable for the ferries here.


Recommended time of year to visit and length of visit: Dani went for a day, I went for a weekend; both options are good. The Islas are not very big, you can definitely see them in one day. However, hanging out for a few days (camping because there are no hotels on the islands) is fun too. The islands are only open to the public during the summer, so make sure to factor them into your travel plans.


Fun Fact: In the past these islands were a hiding place for pirates… Will you discover treasure?


La Playa de Rodas.Top Three Must-sees:

1.) Playa de Rodas: The islands are small, but this playa was chosen by the Guardian in 2007 as “the most beautiful beach in the world”.

2.) La Ruta del Faro de Cíes: This is more of a walk than a specific place, going around the island (again, it is not very big) to the lighthouse. Go in the evening and you will be treated to a beautiful sunset.

3.) Camping Islas Cíes: Although staying overnight is not a requirement, the camping zones are clean and the people tend to be friendly. My travel buddies also enjoyed midnight beers at the cantina…every night we were there. 😉

**Top tip: If you are camping (or even hanging out all day) make sure to bring some snacks and water to save money and stay hydrated!


Pulpo a la Gallega. One thing to eat: Pulpo a la Gallega or Galician Octopus! At one of the chiringuitos or beachside barbecues you can get traditional Galician style octopus. I don’t know if it was super fresh or that the day was perfect or that they have secret octopus-preparing techniques, but the octopus I ate at the Islas Cíes might have been the best I’ve ever had.

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