5 Great Walking/Hiking Routes in La Alpujarra


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You can read more about the small white towns that make up La Alpujarra in this post, but if you are looking for great walking or hiking routes in the region, this is the place to be. We understand that many times it is nice to escape city life and go out into the countryside, for a day-long walk or the weekend, and La Alpujarra is a great region to do this. You will find lovely mountainside towns and restaurants along with plenty of nature to explore.

Today we want to share with you 5 great walking or hiking routes in and around La Alpujarras towns that you can explore for lighter or more intense experiences.

From Lanjarón

1.) El bosque de Tello: The Forest of Tello

Lanjarón is known as being a village where water comes from as bottled water from this area is sold all over Spain. This means that you will also find waterfalls and other forms of water in the area and that plant life is abundant in comparison to most of the region, which is mainly dry. From the small village of Lanjarón itself, you can follow the path Camino de la Sierra until you find the Refugio or Refuge of Tello and come to the river also called Lanjarón to find the Forest of Tello.

It is six kilometers (approximately three and a half hours) each way with a similar path leading you from and back to Lanjarón. Alternatively, you can continue on until you arrive at the Valley of Lecrín. The route itself is of medium difficulty as it is quite steep. We recommend visiting in the autumn as the leaves will be changing colors and you can enjoy the cooler temperatures.

Map: in Spanish

From Órgiva

2.) Ruta de los olivos centenarios: Route of the Hundred Year Old Olive Trees

5 Great Walking/Hiking Routes in La Alpujarra

Known as a bit of a hippie town to the locals of Granada, Órgiva has small farms and a community that is focused on connecting with nature. In addition, you will find olive plantations there, some of which are hundreds of years old that were planted by the Moorish population in the traditional mountain terraces. While there are many different routes you can take from this village, we recommend this one, of the Hundred Year Old Olive Trees so you can connect with the history of the region.

The walk is circular and approximately seven kilometers from start to finish. It is relatively flat and appropriate for the whole family. You start and end the walk in front of the bar Mirasierra and will follow paved roads and private paths for the majority. In fact, this walk is one of the simplest and easiest to do you will find in the region.

Map: in Spanish

From Soportújar

3.) O Sel Ling

In the hills surrounding the small village of Soportújar you will find the Buddist Center O Sel Ling, known as the small Tibet of Granada. It is a place where people connect to their spirituality and practice meditation retreats. While you can reach it by car, it is also nice to visit the area by walking from the village itself. While you will not be able to enter into the buildings that are part of the Center, you will be able to enjoy the grounds and see the Buddist Wheel of Fortune among other elements.

This route is a little bit longer, approximately six hours and 14 kilometers. It is of medium-high difficulty as there are quite steep parts and you also have to take into consideration how long it will take you. We highly recommend bringing food and snacks with you if you decide to take this hike.

Map: in Spanish

From Pampaneira to Bubión to Capileira

4.) Ruta del Poqueira: Route of Poqueira

While you can decide to take on any part of this walk, it starts towards the bottom of the most popular villages of La Alpujarras and works its way up. All of these villages are slightly touristy so you will find traditional artisans selling their wares along with local restaurants serving delicious food. This is probably one of the most popular routes and can be easily done in part or completely if you are having a day in the mountains.

The whole walk will take you about 3 – four hours and is nine kilometers round trip. While you could consider this a hike because it is mostly uphill, it is also relatively accessible and low to medium difficulty. It is also a great walk to take at any time of the year and is equally beautiful in summer and winter.

Map: in Spanish

From Capileira

5.) Sendero de la Cebadilla: Path of the Cebadilla

Starting at Capileira, the highest of the three villages from the last route, this path will take you higher into the mountain still. You will pass by different farms and houses, rivers and forest, with lovely views of the scenery around you. The route will take you to La Cebadilla, an old abandoned village that once housed a hydroelectric center for the community.

The route is circular and approximately 8 kilometers. It should take you around 3.5 hours and the level of the hike is medium as there are some quite steep bits. Because of the trees and the views, we especially recommend this option in the spring and autumn.

Map: in Spanish

We hope that these five options inspire you to get out and about, either in La Alpujarra or wherever you happen to find yourself! And if you have another route you like in the area please let us know in the comments so we can add it to our list!


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