Happy New Year!

Celebration for New Year's. Photo by Murilo Folgosi on Pexels.

Dear everyone,

We are happy to wish you a very happy New Year’s on this lovely Tuesday. Whether or not you are accustomed to using this moment to set goals or plan for the future, we believe that 2019 will be a year full of good food, new travel destinations (and perhaps a few repeats), and wonderful memories! Thanks for joining us for the ride.

And, in order to show you how much we appreciate that you are following along with our experiences (and hopefully finding them useful for your own adventures), we would like to offer readers a 20 minute consulting session with us for free. This offer is good for all students coming abroad for their spring semester or people who are moving in January or February. Please check out this page for more details on what we offer and how you can contact us.

We wish you the most wonderful 2019!

Dani and Claudia