What you need to know about Salobreña

Salobreña (Granada, Andalucía)

Salobreña from afar. Photo from: Pixaby contributor 5459357fTransport options to arrive: Car or bus

Although driving by car is the most comfortable way to reach Salobreña, you can also take a bus from Granada, Málaga, or Almería. In addition, there are easy connections from other coastal or mountain cities close by (such as Motril and the Alpujarras respectively).

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Recommended time of year to visit and length of visit: Depending on what you are looking for, you can visit Salobreña year round. Due to the proximity to the Sierra Nevada, you can easily see it in the day and go to the beach in the evenings during the winter. Or you can choose to spend summer holidays on the Mediterranean. I would recommend visiting for a minimum of two days (a perfect weekend away) so that you can check out the small historical town and wind-down on the beach.

That’s not to say: If you are living close to Salobreña you can take advantage of this beach town for a day-trip if you are needing some much needed self-care/are looking for a seaside adventure.


Fun Fact:The last functioning sugar factory in Europe could be found in Salobreña until 2006/2007. The coast line grew sugar cane on and off from the Muslim rule of the area (from 711 onward) and the Azucarera Guadalfeo (in Spanish) was built in the first half of the 19th century. The business itself has now converted to a distillery and it is the only one of its kind in Spain. The old factory has since been turned into a museum and can be found just outside the city center—a 20 minute walk.


Top Three Must-sees:

1. El Castillo: Built somewhere around the 10th century, the castle is a mixture of Arabic and Christian architecture. Situated on a large stone, you can easily see how it was constructed as a defense mechanism as well as a stronghold. Although it is a bit of a hike to get to the top, the views are worth it—on a clear day, you might even be able to see Africa. The entrance is free and you can find more about the time table here (in Spanish only).


I am a sucker for a beach sunset. <32. Las playas: Most of the beaches in the Province of Granada are known for their chinos or small rocks instead of sand. However, you still are able to enjoy the warm Mediterranean Sea and gorgeous sunsets on the beach. Remember to bring your beach umbrella and sunscreen though as the sun is really hot in Southern Spain and you don’t want to end up a ‘gamba,’literally translated to shrimp and what Spaniards call white tourists who end up turning pink or red after a long lie in the sun.

Note: While I don’t personally find the beaches in the Province of Granada to be the best beaches in the world, Salobreña is one of the places I would go (and have gone) to escape the summer heat or for a quiet weekend away in winter. In this case I definitely spend time running in and out of the sea. See more about Spanish beaches here.


3. The classic white town: There is something amazing about all the white towns that were inspired by the Moorish occupation of Southern Spain and Salobreña is no different. Enjoy wandering around the city center, in and out of local markets (both food and trinkets depending on the day), and settling down for a café con leche or beer, wherever strikes your fancy.


One thing to eat: Seafood

When near the sea, eat as the locals do. And this means fresh seafood (either in restaurants or cooked straight from farmers markets). You will be able to find a bunch of different mariscosor seafood—from squids to clams to local fishes—the biggest problem will be choosing which one you want to try first!

Pro-tip: A lot of places will serve it fried, but you might not want hot, fried food when it is boiling out. if this is the case, make sure you are paying attention to what you are ordering if you just want to have a little bit a fresh-from-the-sea to go along with your salad on a hot day.

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