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Dreaming Domingo: Creating Home-Away-From-Home

Living abroad isn’t easy and can even be downright difficult. Today we are sharing Claudia’s story of how she is making her new city home… without loosing the magic of being a tourist.

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Which Health and Beauty Products Should I Bring to Spain?

When preparing to move abroad to Spain you may be worrying that you won’t be able to find any of your most-needed health and beauty products. Not to fear, we’ve done the hunting and gathered the prices for a lot of the items you’re wondering about.

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Life with Visitors is Different

Try as I may, I simply can’t live out my ‘normal life’ when I have visitors! It’s not an inherently bad thing, but certainly something we all need to recognize and come to terms with in our own ways. Thus, I’m sharing some personal insights on the topic.

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