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Dreaming Domingo: Creating Home-Away-From-Home

Living abroad isn’t easy and can even be downright difficult. Today we are sharing Claudia’s story of how she is making her new city home… without loosing the magic of being a tourist.

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Soñando Sunday: Master Packing for Every Length of Trip

Every length of trip calls for a different packing strategy. Do you know the questions to ask yourself in order to master this process? This article dives into those questions, explores potential answers, and outlines example packing lists.

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Expressions: When and How to Use "Hasta..."

Hasta luego, hasta ahora, hasta entonces… As a language-learner, it may seem like there are endless ways to say “see you later” in Spain. If you’re curious about the intricacies of when you use one rather than the other, this article is for you!

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