An Introduction to Spanish Expressions

Dear Samantha,

I recently was shown the video below where Anthony Banderas explains in a quirky way what several Spanish expressions mean. I thought it was hilarious because, at the end of the day, I use some of them on a daily basis and they make no sense if you translate them literally. I went on to share the video with my friends and English students—I want them to know that literal translations are not always right and are sometimes downright useless—, and now I want to share them with you.

So, if you've ever wondered what the expressions eres un encogío, que chulo, ser mono, me cago en la leche, ser la leche, me importa un pimiento, estoy flipando en colores, mala pata, el puto amo, esmallao, voy a mi bola, or estás alobao mean (or if you know, but just need a good laugh about how Antonio Bandera explains them), check it out!

In addition, Dani and I want to take this opportunity to introduce a type of article to the blog where we work on helping you understand some of the most common and/or hardest to translate expressions that we use here in Spain. We have already done this with “no pasa nada” and by explaining “guiris.” Now, we want to dive in further and will be asking our Spanish friends for their favorites and add in some of the ones that are most difficult for us as well!

Are there any expressions that you really want to understand? Were there any that really threw you off when coming to Spain? Let us know so we can answer all your questions and comments in future posts!